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Slick is the name of the song that Evil Ex, Matthew Patel used alongside his Demon Hipster Chicks to attack Scott Pilgrim in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (film). Its name was revealed in the movie soundtrack. The movie version was composed by Dan the Automator.



If you want to fight me, you're not the brightest

You won't know what hit you in the slightest!

Fireballs, girls.
Take these suckers out

Let me tell you what it's all about
You and your fireballs and your Demon Hipster Chicks,
you're talking the talk and it's all pretty slick
You think you're so great, but you're missing the point,
you gotta have courage and friendship and whatever!

That doesn't even rhyme!

Shut up!

This is impossible
How can this be?!

Open your eyes up
Maybe you'll see!


It was football season,
and for some reason,
all the little jocks wanted me.
Matthew was the only non-white, non-jock boy in town.
So the two of us joined forces, and we took 'em all down.
We brawled, and scrapped, and fought for hours.
Nothing could beat Matthew's mystical powers.
We only kissed once. After a week and a half, I told him to hit the showers.

Dude wait... Mystical powers?

You'll pay for this, Flowers!
If you want to fight me
(Stacey Pilgrim: What?!)
Ha! You're not the brightest
You won't know what hit you in the slightest
(Stephen Stills: This guy's good.)
Me and my fireballs
My Demon Hipster Chicks!
(Demon Hipster Chicks: Tell 'em, Matty!)
I'm talking the talk, cause I know I'm slick!
(Demon Hipster Chicks: S-L-ICK!)
Fireball girls, take this sucker down.

Let us show him what we're all about

That doesn't even rhyme!

This is impossible...!
How can this be...?

Open your eyes,
Maybe you'll see!


  • The title of the song could be a reference to the final boss from River City Ransom.
  • In the comic, the song is also sung by Scott and his friends (excluding Ramona), along with Matthew and his Demon Hipster Chicks.
  • The dance sequence used by Scott and the others in the comic looks similar to that of Space Channel 5.
  • Differences: The "doesn't rhyme" line was switched from Patel to Pilgrim in the film
  • In the movie adaptation, it sounds as if Matthew says "Take these suckers out" rather than "take these suckers down." This caused confusion among audiences when the lyrics appeared to rhyme contrary to Scott's comment.