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Sneaky Dee's is a real restaurant/concert venue located at 431 College St. in Toronto, Ontario. Sneaky Dee's specializes in late night cuisine and party atmosphere. The restaurant is visited multiple times by Scott and the gang.

In Volume 5, Julie Powers books Sex Bob-omb a November 14 gig at Sneaky Dee's (although they are reluctant and unprepared) as "a petty act of revenge" after breaking up with Stephen Stills (for the fiftieth time). Unbeknownst to Scott, flyers were passed out before the show advertising "A ROBOT WILL KICK SCOTT PILGRIM'S ASS WHILE U WATCH." During the concert, Scott is attacked by one of Ken and Kyle Katayanagi's robots, and in the process of the fight he smashes his bass. This is somewhat fortunate as Stephen and Scott are set to start playing "Erasmus the Enchanter" while Kim was ready to play "Herself the Elf," the combination of which would have been disastrous.

In the game, the shop is called Dee's Tex Mex and is run by Lisa.