Tamara's First Appearance

Tamara Chen is apparently the only friend of Knives Chau. They're the same age (17, 18 during the 6th book). Very much like Wallace to Scott (excluding the being the gay roommate part), she acts as Knives' voice of reason and, like her friend, she hearts The Clash at Demonhead.

She first appeared in Book 1 to accompany Knives to the Sex Bob-omb gig at the Rockit.

She appears in Book 2 to help Knives dye her hair and process the news that Scott has a new "fat-ass hipster chick" girlfriend, Ramona Flowers.

In Book 4 she comforts Knives after her (second) breakup with Young Neil.

In Book 5 she appears briefly to discuss Knives' plan to get revenge against Ramona, and then again at the end to discuss some new boy that Knives might like.

In Book 6 she goes with Knives to the Chaos Theatre. Knives' 17-year-old immaturity must have rubbed off on her, as she is over-excited about seeing Envy.

In vs. the WorldEdit


Tamara trying to wake up Knives in the Movie

Tamara appears in The Movie played by Chantelle Chung. She appears at the Club Rockit and later at Knives' house when she is complaining and dyeing her hair.

In the GameEdit

Hollie Hawkes & Tamara Chen

Tamara as she appears in the game, next to Hollie.

She appears in the Game as a Background character. She is also the vendor at the Mini-Mart in World 1 and the Frying Tengu in World 4.

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