Teleportation is the ability to instantly transport yourself from one location to another at your will. In the Scott Pilgrim universe, certain individuals – namely Roxie Richter and Lynette Guycott, are shown to be capable of teleportation, though it is unknown if this is performed by technology or magic. Ramona Flowers is able to teleport herself into Subspace via The Glow. Matthew Patel's Demon Hipster Chicks also seem to be capable of teleportation, as they instantly appear at his side during his battle against Scott. Camellia Has shown that she has a magical teleportation flower

Gideon Graves may also be capable of teleportation, as at one point in Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour, he is apparently able to transport himself from Chaos Theatre and into Ramona's head without the use of a Subspace Door.

In the video game, many characters appear to be capable of teleportation. After clearing each stage, the player's character(s) will teleport out of the level.[[Category:Attacks and Moves], [[

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