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Scott tells Ramona about the Glided Palace Of Flying Burritos

The Gilded Palace of Flying Burritos was a nouveau-Mexican restaurant Scott Pilgrim worked at for 7 days before being abruptly fired. The name of the restaurant is a reference to the album "The Gilded Palace of Sin" by The Flying Burrito Brothers.

Restaurant Information[]

The Gilded Palace of Flying Burritos was located on Queen West that prepared nouveau-Mexican cuisine. It specialized in serving huge burritos that Scott loved and ate almost five days a week after completing university, but also served a variety of tex-mex plates. Servers wore nudie suits (something which Scott was very fond of) and the girls were dressed as cowgirls.


One week after Scott was hired, the restaurant was shutdown by the Department of Justice for laundering money, selling drugs, or something else. Scott was crushed, but not much could be done.

The Song[]

After losing the job he instantly loved, Scott wrote a song about it which he describes as a "Sad country waltz." the song appears in the book with lyrics and chords for those who want to play along:

Untitled Composition by Scott Pilgrim

3/4, Mournful

G---------------------------- D------- G

The Gilded Palace of Flying Burritos


Excellent Nouveau, Mexican Cuisine


We all got to wear, swank-ass nudie suits


I shoulda known it was a lousy pipe dream


Ohhh, ohhh, what an awesome job


Ohhh, ohhh, what do I do now??


Ohhh, ohhhhh, it's like I've been robbed


Spent the last of my paycheque


And I'm feelin pretty downnnnn!!