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The restaurant's exterior

Scott asking Stephen about the Job

The Happy Avocado is a (fictional) vegetarian restaurant on College St. in Toronto.

Stephen Stills works there as a cook. In Book 4 he convinces day manager Dominique to hire Scott as a dishwasher (earning Scott 500 EXP). On his first day (second if you include the night where he works there), Roxie Richter and Ramona Flowers came in for lunch, which Scott indignantly interrupted, triggering a fight between Roxie and Ramona. Scott was then fired, but he came back the next day and successfully begged Dominique for his job back (earning 1000 EXP).

In Book 5, Scott has advanced to doing some basic food prep at the Avocado.

In Book 4, Stephen Stills mentions that Mr. Chau sometimes brings his family in to eat at the Happy Avocado. Apparently Mr. Chau once "came up to the window and incoherently thanked" Stephen Stills.


  • It is likely that the restaurant's exterior is based on Marinella's, an Italian restaurant at 640 College St.