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The Twins' Snow Dragons

The Twins' Snow Dragons are two huge dragons summoned by Kyle & Ken Katayanagi in the movie during their music battle against Sex Bob-omb. The Twins summon the dragons after a sound wave from their keyboards destroys part of the roof, causing the snow to fall into the club the bands are playing in. The Snow Dragons breathe a powerful mist that incapacitates their targets.

Yeti vs The Twins' Snow Dragons

After summoning the Snow Dragons, the Twins appear to have the upper hand in the music battle, but Scott motivates the band to play harder and pushes the distortion pedal, summoning a Yeti. The Yeti then fights both Snow Dragons and defeats them by slamming them onto the keyboard platform, defeating the Twins in the process and earning Scott enough points to gain an Extra Life. Their appearance is a reference to the Double Dragon video game series.