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Trisha "Trasha" Ha is the 8-year-old drummer of Crash and the Boys (later known as "The Boys!! And Crash!") , the rivals of Sex Bob-Omb in Vol. 1.


Trisha "Trasha" Ha is the drummer for Crash and the Boys. She was allegedly discovered by the other two members in the Pacific Mall arcade playing DrumMania to replace the former drummer who went insane and lapsed into a coma. She was a rival of Kim Pine, who was angry about the fact that Sex Bob-Omb wasn't the only band with a female drummer.

When Crash and the Boys becomes "The Boys!! And Crash!", they later help Scott in his fight against Todd Ingram in  Volume 3. She (along with the other members) also became able to manipulate pure sound through hard work and willpower alone.

In vs. the World[]

Unlike in the book, Trasha (along with the other members of Crash and the Boys) is killed by one of Matthew Patel's fireballs during the latter's fight with Scott Pilgrim. When Wallace asks if "that girl" is a boy too, Crash says yes, and Trasha flips the bird at Wallace.