Bring it on bitches!

This is a blurb about my life. Wow I'm so amazing aren't I?Edit

Hey. I am a Canadian christian and like to write random things on Wikia pages. I like Scott Pilgrim, so I will be making some good changes to that wikia quite often. I also like to troll. And make people lose the game.

I also have legit interests such as graphic design (Photoshop is my idol these days), parkour/freerunning, creating flash games, learning action script (you can play my real crappy game here, I'm in the midst of making a really good game featuring refrences from Scott Pilgrim, The World ends With you, and zelda), playing video games, fencing, and skiing.

Guess what? You lost the game. 7777777

Nerdy fact of the day: 7 = the game where I come from (that's Canada). 7,777,777 also = the amount of $ Gideon gave when he died. 0_o

My favorite pagesEdit

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