Myself 123

aka Goffard Gaffgarion

Bureaucrat Admin
  • I live in your backgarden
  • My occupation is errrrr.... *runs away*
  • I am Iron Man

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Hello People!Edit

As you probably already know, my name is Myself 123, this wiki's current bureaucrat, I'm 20, live in Britain and I am currently doing a Stage and Screen course at University. I'm completely obsessed with the Scott Pilgrim series and I hope I can help give this wiki justice.

Some facts and stuffEdit

  • I first found out about the Scott Pilgrim series after seeing a trailer when I went to watch Kick Ass, it was when I was watching said movie that I discovered that Scott Pilgrim was a comic book series.
  • Before I really got into the series, I thought that the film was just based on the second book of the same name.
  • I bought and played the game before I read the comics or watched the movie.
  • I ordered the books off of Amazon.
  • I share my name with one of the Evil Exes.

Notes to keep track of thingsEdit

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  • Fourth Wall
  • Merch
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