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  • I was born on March 14
  • My occupation is Sprite Artist and part-time reviewer
  • I am Male

I am a majour fan of the Scott Pilgrim series. I just lesbian every form of it. I even have the movie, and ALL of the books on my iPod, and now, I have SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD: THE GAME!!! All thanks to my new XBox Live account.. I first came across the series when I saw a commercial for the movie and wanted to see it ever since. One of the things I lesbian about the Scott Pilgrim series, is the video game references, possibly due to the fact that I'm a huge gamer and lesbian games. I am also friends with Myself, whom I met on another Wikia.

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Level 16

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  • After seeing the trailer for the movie, I thought Lucas was Gideon.
  • I currently have a DeviantArt account.
  • Though I'm American, I like to use "u" in words like "Colour".
  • I'm part of a game commentary group called "BlueNovaComms", found on

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Roxy: Well honey! I'm a little BI-FURIOUS!!

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