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  • Myself 123

    This is an idea for a Scott Pilgrim related MMO(RPG) that I've head in my for quite some time.

    In the MMO, you'd live in Scott Pilgrim's world, a world where swords burst out of your chest, a world where start marked doors lead to a another dimension, a world where not eating eating meat, eggs or milk grants you intense psychic powers, a world where swords can impossibly cut through enormous things and people have bionic arms for no reason.

    I've come up with various different character classes based several characters in the series:

    Based on: Scott Pilgrim

    Weapons: fists, swords, katanas, short swords

    Characters that can utilise powerful fighting moves and attacks. Fighters can gain swords to use in combat when they level up at certain times.

    • S…

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  • Myself 123

    Attention all users!

    January 9, 2011 by Myself 123

    As you may or not not be aware, this wiki is currently without any bureaucrats or administrators (special users in charge). This is a problem as it means no-one can delete pages, block unruly users or change the wikis theme among other things. As such, I've decided to contact Wikia Central to ask for adoption of the Scott Pilgrim wiki and be given bureaucratic rights. I feel that I would do a good job at this, as I have previous admin experience at the Sonic News Network, I created the image categories, I am highly committed to this wiki and I have created the following pages:

    • Mrs. Chau
    • The Twins' Second Robot
    • The Twins' Third Robot
    • Lee's Palace
    • World 1
    • World 2
    • World 3
    • World 4 (Largely contributed to)
    • World 5 (Largely contributed to)
    • World 6 (Largel…
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  • Myself 123

    Enemy classes

    November 28, 2010 by Myself 123

    This is just a little idea I had regarding the enemies in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game. As some have particular traits, I decided to group them into different classes.

    Note: None of these classes are official

    Standard enemies that have their own unique traits. Can pick up and use weapons and have the ability to jump on downed players.

    • Mike
    • Lee
    • Luke
    • Richard
    • Raymond
    • Ryan
    • Rick
    • David
    • Robot Chuck
    • Linus
    • Sammo

    Taller enemies that are stronger than most Grunts. Can attack when knocked down and throw players, cannot be thrown themselves.

    • Malcolm
    • Rex
    • Brad
    • Muslebomber

    Strong, slow moving enemies that are immune to most fast attacks, can slam a downed enemy.

    • William
    • Buta
    • Harley
    • Donnie

    Fast enemies who dodge most heavy attacks. like to stay out of the way until it's …

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