As you may or not not be aware, this wiki is currently without any bureaucrats or administrators (special users in charge). This is a problem as it means no-one can delete pages, block unruly users or change the wikis theme among other things. As such, I've decided to contact Wikia Central to ask for adoption of the Scott Pilgrim wiki and be given bureaucratic rights. I feel that I would do a good job at this, as I have previous admin experience at the Sonic News Network, I created the image categories, I am highly committed to this wiki and I have created the following pages:

However, as this is a community, I figured I'd ask the rest of you for your opinions. If you agree, disagree, think someone else should be giving bureaucrat status and, if you all agree, after a week or so I'll make my request. Myself 123 20:31, January 9, 2011 (UTC)

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