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Wallace Wells

Wallace Wells is Scott Pilgrim's cool gay roommate; they met in college. Although he and Scott are just friends, they share a double bed because they cannot afford two beds, however, Wallace does show sexual interest in Scott on several occasions. When their landlord gives them notice to move out, Wallace encourages Scott to take his relationship with Ramona Flowers to the next level of maturity. Later he reveals that he has already signed a lease with his boyfriend Mobile so he is not available to be Scott's roommate even if Scott can't mature. His character is based on real-life Beguiling Manager Chris Butcher, who was Bryan Lee O'Malley's former roommate.



Wallace is a young man of average height and build (being slightly taller than Scott). He has a short, slightly messy dark hair and narrow eyes. In contrast to his roomate's "slacker" look, Wallace normally appears wearing more formal clothes such as buttoned-up shirts and sweaters. Whenever he's outside in cold weather, Wallace wears a black coat with a scarf.


Wallace is very easy going and calm, filling the role of Scott's voice of reason. However, he can get angry, and openly hates Envy Adams for breaking Scott's heart, calling her an "unbelievable bitch". He is also very open about his homosexuality often walking around his and Scott's apartment in his underwear and repeatedly declaring his "hotness". He occasionally ribs Scott by hinting that he fancies him - he says Scott is hot and "totally [his] bitch forever."

Wallace Wells: Drunk homosexual

Although he sometimes finds Scott annoying, Wallace is very trusting of Scott and knows him so well as to plan his life with the knowledge that Scott will fix things on his own.

His ability to establish relationships and make friends stands out among the rest of the characters since he appears to have the most friends in the series (most of whom Scott "isn't allowed to meet", according to him). This is demonstrated in Book Three when the reader is shown that Scott and Wallace became friends when Wallace asked Scott one question during a class in college and later began to show up at Scott's house unannounced so often that he became a fixture in Scott's life and eventually his close friend.

Wallace is a heavy drinker. In Volume 6, he is shown to have gotten drunk at the Chaos Theatre minutes after entering the building and has a habit of fixing himself drinks in the middle of the day and even during work. On one occasion in Book Four, he drinks at home with some friends before going dancing but gets so drunk before leaving that he falls asleep and forgets to go dancing altogether. Afterward, the first thing he does after waking up from his drunken nap is fix himself a drink.

He has caused some guys to "turn gay," like Stacey Pilgrim's boyfriend Jimmy, during the first concert in the Battle of the Bands. He also disapproved of Scott cheating on Knives, saying that Scott knew what it was like to be cheated on, and he made Scott break-up with her.


Psychic Chi user[]

Wallace demonstrating his Chi ability

Wallace was taught the use of Chi by his boyfriend Mobile as seen in Scott Pilgrim & the Infinite Sadness. After returning home from a rainy day with Scott he demonstrates a move in which he spreads the Chi energy over the surface of his body and shakes the water off of him.


Kieran Culkin as Wallace Wells in the Movie

Wallace's Infobox in the movie

Wallace Wells is portrayed by Kieran Culkin, younger brother of Macaulay Culkin, and was in both 'Home Alone' and 'The Cider House Rules'. Kieran's other works include Igby Goes Down, The Dangerous Lives Of Altar Boys, The Mighty, Lymelife and Paper Man. In the film Wallace exhibits the uncanny ability to text information at high speed, informing Stacey about Scott Pilgrim's dating problems (Pilgrim calls him a gossipy bitch) in an instant, even while barely conscious. He also eavesdrops on Scott's phone conversations on occasion. He does not train Scott or prepare Intel on his roommate's potential adversaries, but rather provides emotional support and advice from the sidelines, comforting Scott when his problems become difficult.

In the movie his desire to throw Scott out of their apartment is more apparent and immediate, although in deleted scenes he offers to let him sleep on the floor (with blinkers and earplugs to avoid seeing Wallace with his boyfriends). Wallace seems to have an 'open' relationship with Other Scott as well as with Jimmy and another unnamed boyfriend (named Chris in the deleted scenes).When Ramona disappeared when Scott fought Lucas Lee (Chris Evans) (Ramona's 2nd evil Ex) and wouldn't call back, Knives came to see if Scott was there and Wallace (tried) to hide Scott from Knives (Scott just ended up jumping out the window).

"Uh, you know what? He just left..."

Like the comic book version and novels, Wallace despises Envy Adams for her treatment of Scott and has forbidden the use of her name in his home. He drops his eccentric personality for a more kind & considerate persona after Envy calls Scott.


Wallace and Young Neil in the game

Wallace is one of the many background characters in the game. You can also find him manning a secret shop found in World 1 that can sell you expensive items ($100 and up) which can massively boost your stats. His shop is the most useful as he sells Bionic Arms (Bionic Commando reference) which increase your power by half, and Speedy the Porcupine (Sonic the Hedgehog reference) which increases your speed by half, both items can be purchased twice. Playing the level over and over again four times is a surefire for easy bionic arms if you use the hidden Subspace routes.

Wallace was added as a playable character in the March 13, 2013, DLC pack "Wallace Wells + Online Multiplayer." As a playable character, Wallace is a simple recolor of Stephen Stills, using almost all of Stephen's attack animations with slight differences (the most notable ones being a rainbow special effect in his uppercut and him kissing the enemy he grabs instead of headbutting the enemy). Wallace even uses the same Knives striker as Stephen, in which Knives jumps upwards and diagonally throws large sais at all opponents. However, Wallace has different animations while walking, celebrating a stage clear and taunting. He is the only playable character whose ending, showing him sitting on a fancy armchair, is textless. It is a parody of the "Bad Ending" in Streets of Rage, where the hero becomes the new crime lord after beating the final boss.



  • Wallace seems to have a "thing" for guys with glasses. In Book 1, when Knives asks him if he wants to know about someone in her class who's gay, Wallace quickly agrees and asks if he has glasses. Later on, he was quickly attracted to Stacey's then-boyfriend, Jimmy, who also wears glasses. Additionally, his current boyfriend, Mobile, wears glasses as well.
  • Wallace used to be one of the main characters in the story whilst he was Scott's roommate (in Volume 4, Wallace is the third character to be introduced in the 'Keep-Up!' section), but when he kicked Scott out, his status decreased so that Wallace just became a supporting character (he was one of the last characters in the 'Keep-up!' section in Volume 6).
  • Wallace owns nearly everything in the apartment. Additionally, anything he buys at the store is mostly for him and him alone.
  • He is very open about his sexuality.
  • In a deleted scene of the movie, Scott sees Wallace naked again (after using the Extra Life) and states that Wallace was his mentor. Moments afterward Scott calls Gideon after asking Wallace to put on a robe and hand him the phone. Unfortunately, when Wallace encourages Scott to "Kick (Gideon's) ass!" his robe flies open exposing him to Scott.
  • Wallace is on one side of Scott and his friends, which only includes him and Stacey. They don't know much about his other friends and are rarely shown interacting with them.
  • In Book 1, the mailbox in front of Scott and Wallace's apartment lists Wallace's last name as 'Weldon', during early work on the book his name was Wallace Weldon and was later changed to Wells. This may hint that Wallace is related to Dave Weldon from 'Lost at Sea'. Weldon is the name of the main campus library at Western where Bryan Lee O'Malley went to university before dropping out of classes and working in their library system, although it could be possible that he legally changed his last name from "Weldon" to "Wells" possibly while drunk. although this is just fan speculation.
  • Wallace is "a little taller than Scott" – roughly 6'0'', the color edition reveals – making him average or slightly above average height for a male (shown by Scott's height in comparison to other characters).[1]
  • His birthday is in July.
  • The name given on his and Scott's mailbox in Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life is Wallace P. Weldon. Although Bryan Lee O'Malley admits that this was a mistake, as Wallace's last name was originally Weldon, but was later changed to Wells.