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We Are Sex Bob-omb is a song written by Beck and performed by Sex Bob-omb in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (film). It is performed during the film's opening credits.


The song is performed at one of Sex Bob-omb's rehearsals in front of Young Neil and Knives Chau. Scott Pilgrim calls the song, "LaunchPad McQuack" but Stephen Stills claims it's not the song's title, but before he has a chance to full explain, Kim Pine interrupts, shouting her famous line, WE ARE SEX BOB-OMB 1 2 3 4. The song amazes Knives, making her fall in love with both Scott and Sex Bob-omb.

The song is repeated again without lyrics twice near the end of the film and is performed again by Sex Bob-omb, with Young Neil replacing Scott on bass, the first is when Scott battles Gideon's hipster guards with the Power of Love. A much more lively version is performed after Scott uses his Extra Life and defeats Gideon's guards with the Power of Self-Respect.


Kim Pine

Stephen Stills
Yeah Yeah
Yeah yeah

Laminate the stasis
My-my-my-my Serpentine
I got a breathalyzer
And my body's clean

(Random Yelling)

Yeah Yeah
Yeah Yeah
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah