We Are Sex Bob-omb is a song written by Beck and performed by Sex Bob-omb in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (film). It is performed during the film's opening credits.


The song is performed at one of Sex Bob-omb's rehearsals in front of Young Neil and Knives Chau. Scott Pilgrim calls the song, "LaunchPad McQuack" but Stephen Stills claims it's not the title's song, but before he has a chance to full explain, Kim Pine interrupts, Shouting her famous line and counting the song in. The song amazes Knives, making her fall in love with both Scott and Sex Bob-omb.

The song in repeated again without lyrics twice near the end of the film and is performed again by Sex Bob-omb, with Young Neil replacing Scott on bass, the first is when Scott battles Gideon's hipster guards with the Power of Love. A much more lively version is performed after Scott uses his Extra Life and defeats Gideon's guards with the Power of Self-Respect.


Kim Pine

Stephen Stills
Yeah Yeah
Yeah yeah

Let me make your stasis
My-my-my-my Serpentine
I got a breathalyzer
And my body's clean

(Random Yelling)

Yeah Yeah
Yeah Yeah
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

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