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One of the Winifred Hailey clones

Two of the Winifred Hailey clones

Winifred Hailey is a teenage movie actress mentioned in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and featured in the 2006 Free Comic Book Day story: Free Scott Pilgrim.


Wilifred Hailey is mentioned in Volume 2, as the actress playing alongside Lucas Lee in his latest movie: You Just Don't Exist.

Winifred Hailey appears again in Free Scott Pilgrim. While Winifred herself does not actually appear, eight clones of her pop out from a set of movie posters, issuing a battle against Scott. Seeing that he's afraid to hit a girl, Ramona "helps" Scott by controlling his movements from behind to attack the clones. The clones, albeit seemingly tough, are easily defeated each by a single punch, and immediately disappear, leaving behind some coupons for free drinks that Scott immediately cashes in a local mini-mart.

During the time of the fight, Wallace and Ramona contemplated if this was the work of a ninja and, to a greater extent, one of Ramona's Evil Exes. This is never confirmed nor disproved.

In vs. the World[]

Winifred Hailey (right) during filming.

Winifred Hailey (portrayed by Emily Kassie) makes an appearance alongside Lucas Lee in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. She appears during filming of a scene from her latest film at Casa Loma, where Lucas's character is trying to save her, stating the line "The only thing standing between me and her is the two minutes it's going to take to kick your ass." When Lucas realizes Scott is among the onlookers, this statement ends up being meant for him, starting their fight.

In the Game[]

Winifred Hailey was originally meant to appear in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game as a sub boss in World 4, but was ultimately cut due to time constraints.[1] Although cut from the game, Winifred Hailey's name still appears on one of the CD accessories in Sockwave Records in World 1, suggesting that she's a singer as well as an actress.


  • According to Ramona, one of her Evil Exes may have been a ninja. This is confirmed in the form of Roxie Richter, a "half-ninja" and 4th Evil Ex in the main book series. This fact makes it probable that she may have been responsible for the Hailey clones.
  • The film's fight against Roxie Richter was based on the FCBD story's fight with the Hailey clones.
  • The gauntlets that the Winifred Hailey clones wear are based on Cammy White's gauntlets from the Street Fighter series.