World 2
Lucas Lee being chased by fans and paparazzi during the headlining and intro.


World 2


Movie Madness! Follow that star!


Lisa Miller, Hollie Hawkes, Other Scott, Young Neil, Wallace Wells.


Fancy Chip Wagon.

Subspace Highway?



Just Like the Movies, Cheap Shop, Skate or Live


Paparazzi, Johns, Aliens, Raxzillas, Camerons, Bats, Raymonds.




Lucas Lee

World 2 is the second stage in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game. The stage is set at the Casa Loma Film set, as the character(s) pursues Lucas Lee, Ramona's second evil ex. This stage has two sections.

Casa Loma's Film SetEdit

The stage starts with Lucas Lee being followed by crazed fans and Paparazzi, When Lucas goes off the end of the screen, the paparazzi will turn their attention to the character(s) attacking with a infuriating flash attack that will stun the character(s). Near the start of the section there is a "Fancy Chip Wagon" the only shop in the entire stage. Slightly further on, the character(s) will wander into a set when filming starts, where Johns will run pass and explode, after that, the character(s) will face an array Aliens and Raxzillas, before the motion capture suit wearing Camerons jump out of the green screen and run pass the set, and are easily defeated before filming ends. After this, the character(s) will see Lucas Lee trying to disarm a nuclear warhead which the character(s) must quickly destroy lest it blow them up.

Following on from this, the character(s) will enter a temple like area, where the character(s) will have to use a key to open a gate and advance to the next area that has giant balls rolling down the screen that the character(s) must avoid, to make matters worse, the character(s) will have to avoid being hit by a colony of bats. The character(s) must then use another key to open another gate to get to another area. In the next area, Lucas Lee can be found trying to break open a chest and will run off as soon as he sees the character(s), leaving you to fight 3 Raxzillas, one of the Raxzillas will drop a key, oddly enough, the key isn't required to leave the area, instead, a large statue blocks the exit that must destroyed, the key can be used to open the chest rewarding the character(s) with lots of coins and will also trigger a booby trap, a wall of spikes forcing the character(s) to make a quick escape.

Casa Loma's Parking LotEdit

The character(s) will then be brought back to the outside and wander once again into a set and have to avoid the exploding Johns again and battle more Aliens and Raxzillas, once again, Camerons will pop out of the green screen and run past the set. Defeating them and moving on, the character(s) come across a car that must be destroyed quickly whilst also fighting a couple of Paparazzi, if the character(s) cannot defeat the car, it'll drive off, leaving explosives that'll damage the character(s), if they succeed, the car will become immobile, and Lucas Lee will burst the door open a quickly run off. The character(s) finally catch up with Lucas, who has found enough time to smoke, after discarding his cigarette Lucas stands up, ready to fight his opponent(s)

Boss BattleEdit


Lucas Lee (Age unknown)
Ramona's SECOND evil ex-boyfriend!
POWERS: Look him up on the web...

Lucas Lee mainly uses punch attacks, after he's received some damage, the skater Raymonds will skate pass the screen knocking the character(s), hitting one will knock him off his board, allowing him to be fought as a regular enemy, once this happends, Lucas Lee will run straight to the recently dropped board and pick it up, using it as a powerful melee weapon as well as using it to skate around the area knocking the character(s) in the process, If Lucas is knocked down when he has a skateboard, he will drop and break it, forcing him to find another one. Once Lucas Lee is defeated, he will pick up a board and grind down some rails, moving so fast that he burns into nothingness, leaving behind coins and the unobtainable Mithril Skateboard.


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