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World 3 is the third level in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game. The level is set in Leo's Place as the character(s) tries to take down The Clash at Demonhead. This stage has two sections.

Leo's Place[]

The stage starts with The Clash at Demonhead arriving in a Knight-Rider like limo, before heading for the main stage. Early on in the stage, the character(s) will be ambushed by rampaging Demonhead fans heading for the stage who the character(s) can avoid or attempt to defeat for some cheap coins. The character(s) will then fight some Mikes and Lukes at the bar area. Your action seemingly attracts the attention of security as the character(s) will come across the bouncer-like Rex and Brad along with other enemies, defeating these two will only wound them, but fortunately will cause any other enemies on the screen to panic and flee. Next to the area where Rex and Brad are fought is Leo's Place's only shop, where the character(s) can some food items and some stat-boosting accessories. After this, the character(s) will enter the stand for the main stage and encounter more enemies including a William, when the William is defeated a Ryan leap out of the men's room and ferociously attack the character(s).

Once all enemies are defeated Rex and Brad will re-appear, recovered from the previous bout, backed by several Mikes. Once again the two can only be wounded and any other enemies will panic and flee when they are defeated. After another battle, the character(s) will enter the mosh pit, that is largely Mikes, oddly enough during the this battle, a Luke, and later a Ryan, will emerge from the ladies' room to join the fray. After defeating all enemies Rex and Brad will appear one final time backed up once again by several enemies, this time being defeatable, though defeating them will still cause any remaining enemies to flee. Once this gruelling battle is over Envy Adams will appear on stage and mockingly laugh at the character(s), unaware of the strange noises coming from the ladies' room, Todd Ingram then appears from said restroom, shortly followed Lynette Guycott which greatly angers Envy who orders Lynette on to the stage.

The Main Stage[]

The character(s) jumps on to the main stage to see Envy and Lynette in the middle of a cat fight, after seeing the character(s) coming towards them, Envy orders Lynette to fight to fight them.


Envy & Lynette

The battle will start with Lynette whilst Envy stands in the side lines. Lynette can use her bionic arm to attack from long range and quick combo attacks as well as an attack where her arm burrows underground to hit the character(s), when Lynette receives enough damage, she'll teleport around the stage, making it hard to land a hit. Lynette will eventually being dizzy from rapid teleportation, allowing the character(s) to land a couple of hits in. It is at this point that Envy will step in and take Lynette's place. Envy uses some powerful leg attacks, as well as a powerful flying kick attack. Once Envy's taken enough damge, she'll order Lynette back into battle and the process starts all over again. The battle ends when one of the two is defeated, after this, Envy and Lynette will continue their fight and in the process Lynette will lose her bionic arm and teleport away, whilst Envy falls to the ground with a rain cloud over her head and the character(s) is rewarded with coins. After this, Todd Ingram will step in and creating a powerful soundwave with his bass to knock the character(s) back.

The character(s) is knocked into the back stage area where they must destroy the walls quickly to avoid taking huge damage from Todd, who is chasing the character(s) with his vegan powers. Once the character(s) reach the end of this chase scene, Todd will engage the character(s) in a bass battle (a reference to Guitar Hero) with the character(s) taking it seriously, and hitting Todd over the head with a bass. Angered by this, Todd will use his vegan powers to throw the character(s) outside where the real fight will begin.

Boss Battle[]

Todd Ingram (Age unknown)
Ramona's THIRD evil ex-boyfriend!
DATING: Envy Adams. Cheating on her, too!

Todd uses various psychic vegan attacks in battle, most notably a head shock attack that Todd likes to use during a character's combo, Todd will also use his powers to choke the character in front of him, Todd will also use his powers to throw all usable objects towards the character(s) and create a shield that'll block attacks, Todd is also impervious to any objects thrown at him. When Todd take enough damage, he will lose control of his powers, transforming his arm into a miss-match of vegetables with other vegetables flying across the screen. This huge fluctuation of Todd's powers causes the Vegan Police to step in and subdue Todd, making for some easy hits. When Todd receives more damage, he will perform this move twice before the Vegan Police step in. When Todd is defeated, he'll completely lose control of his powers, causing his body to mutate and explode into various vegetables, coins and an extra life.

Who'd thought a hole in the wall would be so romantic.