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World 4 is the fourth stage in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game. The stage is set on street car before it crashes into The Frying Tengu. This stage has three sections.


The stage starts on a street car, when the character(s) comes across Roxie Ritcher sat on the street car, Roxie then quickly teleports away. The character(s) then comes across three rollerblading Stellas who move quickly across the screen and use a knee attack when they encounter the character(s), three other Stellas come from the other end of the screen seconds after the others leave. Further on, the character(s) across some Lukes and a Rick, who uses a shoulder barge to knock out some of your coins. At the back of the vehicle, the character(s) will encounter a David, a somewhat tough opponent, and another thieving Rick. Once these two defeated, Roxie will slice open the back of the tramcar, and the character(s) will peruse.

On top of the street car, the character(s) come across some more Davids, accompanied by some Lees and some Richards. The character(s) have to be careful whilst fighting on the roof, and try to avoid falling off the roof. Whilst walking on the roof, various will pop up from skylines to surprise the character(s). Once the character(s) reach the front of the trolly, several ninja Hanzos will appear, when one is defeated, he'll leave behind his sword, that can be picked up and used for some decent damage. When all the Hanzos are defeated, Roxie will re-appear and cut off the front of the street car (with the character(s) on the front), causing it to crash into a nearby sushi restaurant.

The Frying Tengu[]

The character(s) wakes up inside The Frying Tengu and is immediately greeted by two Hanzos and a Fuuma, who use fireball attacks to burn the player(s). Whilst travelling through the restaurant, the character(s) will encounter more Hanzos and Stellas. After fighting some deadly ninjas and rollerbladers, the character(s) will come across another Hanzo and a Buta, a large kunoichi with sais who acts more or less like powered up William. Moving on and fighting off more enemies, the character(s) will come across a group of Denzels, running enemies that are on fire and will burn character(s) when they run into them, making them hard to defeat. After this, a minigame of sorts plays where the character(s) has to destroy all wooden training posts that drop from the sky in the allotted tome, succeeding will award the players with coins. From there, the character(s) will face more Hanzos, Fuumas and some Franks, red clad ninjas who run and jumpa past whilst throwing shurikens. Defeating these, the character(s) will come across an area that'll have weak points in the floor, where character and enemy alike can fall through, The Frying Tengu's shop is also in this area, allowing the character(s) to buy some much needed food. Further on, the character(s) will reach an area where giant balls will come towards the character(s), that they must avoid. In the same area, there is a Subspace door that'll move the character(s) onto the next section of the stage. If the character(s) carries on, they'll reach a section where some Hanzos will disguise themselves (not so well) as background statues. Once defeated, the character(s) will move on to the adjacent gardens.

Chengu Gardens[]

After fighting some enemies the character(s) will come across two idle Hanzos (this is where the character(s) will come out if the used Subspace). Further on from here, the character(s) will reach and pond with and bridge with a Hanzo stood on it. After fighting even more deadly ninjas, the character(s) will reach another Subspace door, giving them access to a Subspace highway similar (if not the same) as the one Ramona fought Roxie in in Book 4. Leaving this Subspace, the character(s) will wind up in Ramona's back garden, where Ramona's Hammer can be found and used. Moving up the garden Roxie will appear to finally challenge the character(s).

Boss Battle[]

Roxanne Ritcher (Age unknown)
Ramona's FOURTH evil ex-boyfriend!
GENDER: Female

Roxie uses a combination of quick sword slices and kick attacks, Roxie can also change her sword into a whip (like the movie) for an unblockable attack. Roxie can also teleport and reappear to catch he character(s) unaware. Once Roxie takes enough damage, she'll teleport and create four unattackable clones of herself who run around and use unblockable attacks before disappearing. When Roxie is defeated, she'll get sliced in half, and explode into a cascade of woodland creatures, just like in the books, unlike the books, these animals can collected and will give the player money.