World 5
The Katayanagi Twins at Julie's party in the intro.


World 5


Night Of Terror! The Twins Are Unstoppable?


Julie Powers, Lawrence West, Young Neil, Billy "Big Bang" Blitz, Lisa Miller, Hollie Hawkes, Jimmy, Tamara Chen, Joseph, Stacey Pilgrim, Wallace Wells, Sandra & Monique, Jason Kim, Other Scott, Scott's Mom & Dad


Scott's Dad's BBQ

Subspace Highway?



Party Stronger, Subboss Theme, Cheap Shop, Run Scoot Run, Giant Contraband Robot, Shrine Bros, Twin Dragons


Robot Chucks, Raxzillas, Linuses, Harleys, Aliens, Toms, Rexs, Dobermans, Bats, Sammos, Donnies, Brads


Robot-01, Super Fighting Robot


Kyle & Ken Katayanagi

World 5 is the fifth stage in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game. The stage starts out at Julie Powers' Holloween/Mexican Day of the Dead party and moves onto the Dragon's Den when the character(s) follows the Katayanagi Twins. This stage has 3 sections.

Halloween PartyEdit

The stage start at Julie's Halloween party, where the character sees the Katayanagi Twins, at the very start of the stage is a subspace door, that'll allow the character(s) to cut through a portion of the stage, if the character(s) decides not to use the door, the character(s) will proceed right, where they will come across a piñata that can be destroyed for coins. The character(s) come across several costumed enemies, including Robot Chucks, Raxzillas, Linuses and Aliens. The character(s) will also encounter Harleys, large enemies with pumpkin heads similar to Williams, and fast-moving Toms who act similar to Jesses. During this section, the character(s) will come across slow moving giant disco balls that can damage the character(s). When the character(s) reaches the end of the section, Robot-01 will "Join The Party!" By jumping through a window, engaging the character(s) to a battle.



Invented by the Twins!
SIZE: Small.

Robot-01 uses quite a few melee attacks, including a aerial spinning kick. Robot-01 also has an arm cannon attack, that can deal long range damage. Robot-01 can also block attacks, making it a bit harder to deal damage. When Robot-01 is defeated, it will disappear and leave nothing behind. (Not even a snack, fighting robots sucks!) Afterwards, the character(s) will go through the window Robot-01 broke through, onto the balcony.

Fire EscapeEdit

When out on the balcony, the character(s) will notice a mysterious man in glasses at the party. Continuing across the balcony the character will fight more costumed creeps, the character will come across the stage's shop, Scott's dad's BBQ, surprisingly run by Scott's Mom & Dad, where the character(s) can buy some food to help keep them going. From this point, the character(s) will reach the Fire Escape, that the they can use to reach the roof. Whilst traversing up the Fire Escape, a giant robotic hand will appear and smash the escape, causing the character(s) to quickly run up it and avoid being hit by random enemies on the Fire Escape. Once the character(s) reaches the top, it is revealed that the giant hand belong to another robot controlled by the Twins.



Super Fighting Robot
Invented by the Twins!
SIZE: Maximum!!!

The robot is controlled by the Twins who reside in the robots head. The robot uses it detachable hands to slap, squash and grab the character(s), the character(s) have destroy the hands to destroy the bot. Not long after the battle has begun, the Robot will move from the rooftop, and shoot out a barrage of missiles that'll cause damage to the character(s). Once one hand is defeated, the robot will once again step back, but this time fire a power beam form it's head that can be avoided by staying on the sides of the screen. With one hand, the robot will sometimes use a flame-thrower from its mouth that'll burn the character(s). once both arms are destroyed, the Twins will flee to The Dragon's Den in the Robots head and the character(s) will follow.

Dragon's DenEdit

The character(s) reaches the Twins evil lair and are quickly greeted by their evil henchmen, including Rexs, Brads and Dobermans. The character(s) will also face Donnies, large, powerful enemies similar to Williams and Sammos, powerful enemies who block attacks, making them hard to hit. This section of the stage also has a spike pit, that the character(s) avoid falling into as well giant status that spew out flames at regular intervals. Later on in this section, the character(s) will face an area where fast-moving giant balls will come across the screen and will damage the character(s) if they collide with them. Near the end of the stage, a group of Sammos holding metal rods will disguise themselves as golden status and ambush the character(s). After these are defeated, the character(s) will come across two halves of a statue, with each half representing one of the Twins. Each half must be hit in order to complete the statue and open the door to the Twins. Entering the door the character(s) will find the Twins playing a huge pipe organ, apparently playing the background music, They'll then notice the character(s), and prepare for battle.

Boss BattleEdit


Kyle K. and Kevin K.(Age Unknown)
Ramona's FIFTH and SIXTH evil ex-boyfriends!
Powers: Being Japanese...

The Twins are easier to defeat compared to other bosses in the game. Their attacks consist simple melee attacks. When the two get together, they form a twin link and use either a Double Hurricane Kick, or a Simul-Punch for some powerful, unblockable damage. If one of the Twins is defeated, the other will try revive him, so the character(s) has to defeat the other before he succeeds. Once both are defeated, the twins will transform into dragons and dissolve into nothingness (and coins). Just like in the book, defeating them both gains a $2.00 twin bonus and an achievement/trophy if both are defeated at the same time.

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