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World 6 is the sixth level in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game. The stage is set in the park and forest as the character(s) chase Scott's shadowy doppelgänger. This stage has two sections.

The Park[]

The stage starts out in the same park featured in World 1 and the character(s) is immediately attacked by powerful hipsters David and Ryan. Instead of going to the Shopping District from The Park, the character(s) heads towards the woods, following NegaScott. The character(s) will then come across a stone structure that the character(s) must destroy to get to the key at the top. Whilst doing this, the character(s) has to avoid being hit by Owls, who'll fly across the screen and dive bomb when they get close. Firth on, an elf will appear on screen, that can be hit for coins before it runs off (a homage to the Golden Axe series), followed Wolverines, who'll use an unblockable Berserker Barrage attack (a reference Wolverine of the X-Men). It is around about this area where a secret shop can be found by going through a clearing in the trees in a shape of a star. The secret shop is run by Mobile, who sells some food items and a special item that'll teach the character(s) a powerful secret move.

Going up some steps and fighting more woodland creatures, the character(s) will reach an area where NegaScott will make several object fall from the sky and potentially hit the character(s), more elves will appears and can be hit for more coins. Further on, the character(s) will reach a gate that can be opened with the key obtained earlier, taking them to what appears to be an old graveyard.

Eerie Forest[]

In the Eerie Forest, the character(s) will be attacked by a pack of Dobermans. Defeating these, and avoiding the Bats fluttering about, the character(s) will encounter a Zombie, a slow moving enemy with large amount of HP. Later on, a large group of Zombies will show up assisted by some Toms. After fighting your way through a horde of Zombies, the character(s) will come across an old, derelict, crypt, where NegaScott will leap into battle.

Boss Battle[]

NegaScott (23 years old)
Scott Pligrim's evil twin!
RATING: Negative Awesome!

NegaScott is quite a powerful and quick enemy, using punch and kick attacks in the middle of the character(s) attacks, NegaScott can also use a powerful and fast flying kick, that must be quickly avoided, and a powerful fireball attack that is unblockable, and will burn the character(s). If NegaScott is knocked down, he'll quickly get up. When NegaScott is low on health, a Zombie Lucy will join him. Once NegaScott is defeated, he'll teleport away (similar to Bass (parallel to Scott's Megaman teleporting) from Megaman), leaving behind coins.