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World 7 is the seventh and last level in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game. The stage is set in the Chaos Theatre and Gideon Graves's Techno Base. This stage has three sections.

Chaos Theatre Elevator[]

This portion of the stage is mostly the player(s) trying to get to the bottom floor of the theater under a time limit of four minutes and forty seconds. There are points where the elevators will be stop by locks on the floor; this is when the enemies come in. In order to succeed, the player(s) must defeat the enemies and destroy the locks that hold the elevator. Enemies in this section include Dobermen, Ryans, Davids, Sammos, Rexs, Brads, and screaming fans. After they reach the bottom floor, the player(s) will enter the room where they will encounter Gideon in his super form. If the Player(s) fails to reach the bottom of the floor in the designated time, the elevator will explode and character(s) will fall into the Chaos Theatre, receiving damage in process. Judging on how much health you have left, you might survive the fall, but it is a better idea to face Gideon with as much of your health as possible.


Super Gideon Graves
Ramona's SEVENTH evil ex-boyfriend?!
POWERS: Just look at him!

Super Gideon Graves, as his name implies, is Gideon with super powerful abilities and hulking appearance. This is Gideon's first form in this World. During combat, Gideon attacks include an axe kick, a punch, and charging into a player in a form of an angel. Whenever he is gets up after being knocked, Super Gideon will either gain temporary invincibility (a Super Mario Brothers reference, signified by him flashing colors) or go off screen and summon a meteor shower (meteors fall in random places; he will summon a gigantic one when his health is low). After his defeat, Super Gideon Graves opens his chest, which reveals a portal of Subspace Highway that sucks the player(s) in.

Subspace Highway?[]

During this level, the player(s) must traverse carefully as there is little space in their path. Obstacles will include drops of blood that rain from the sky (Mega Man 2 reference) and Medusa Heads (Castlevania reference) that attack anybody who left their guard down. Soon, they will see Gideon who walks off. Also there is the Power of Love, which will be useful for the upcoming battle.

Gigadeon Graves[]

Gigadeon Graves
Ramona dated this guy?!
POWERS: Undefeatable!!!

Gigadeon Graves is the second form of Gideon. This can be a tough battle without the Power of Love. The player(s) will first fight against the lower part of his body, which are the faces of the Six Evil Exes who were previously fought. The faces will attack will by emitting electric shocks or shoot electrical orbs. Once they are defeated, Gigadeon will begin to fight. His primary attacks are spitting red blood skulls, summoning lighting, and punching anyone who gets to close to him. His weak point is the heart, but his arms are covering it. The player(s) must damage them and when they have done so, Gideon will pound the ground with anger, leaving his heart open for any attack for a while and causing the platform the player is standing on to break. If the player did not beat Gigadeon in time, big skulls will come out of his heart and they must repeat the method until he's beaten.

Final Stage: Techno Base[]

The character(s) arrives back in the Chaos Theatre after the battle inside Gideon's mind. Weakened by the battle, Gideon runs off into his Techno Base (based on the Technodrome in TMNT: Turtles in Time) and the character(s) follows. Pursuing Gideon in his Techno Base, the character(s) will encounter various robots, including mass-produced Robot-01s, meaning most money in this section has to be earned with bonuses (counters, Head stomp combos, etc.). The character(s) will also encounter Muscle Bombers, powerful robots who explode when defeated. There are also Absymbels, robots that'll shoot the character(s), but can be picked up if knocked down. Further on, the character(s) will encounter Bee-0s, small fast robots, that can be a nuisance, but are easily defeated, Bee-0s also come in a flying variety, where they will fly across the screen (similar to Owls) and will shoot the character(s) when they pass them.

Near the end of the stage, the character(s) will face the genetically engineered Albertas, powerful enemies who use shock sticks to shock the character(s), when defeated, they will leave behind a shock stick that the character(s) can use. The character(s) will also encounter Wrights, flying enemies who must be defeated using aerial attacks. This areas also hold a shop, the Techno Shack, where the character(s) can buy some food items (including a Megaman style E-Tank) and strength-boosting accessory for the final fight. After one last battle against Gideon's forces, the character(s) goes through a door for a final confrontation with the seventh ex. Walking in the final area (which appears to be based upon Ramona's Subspace) Gideon stands up from his throne (that quickly transforms into a colony of Bats), ready for the final fight.

Boss Battle[]

Gideon Graves (Age Unknown)
Is this the real Gideon?!
POWERS: Unknown...

Gideon uses his Pixel Katana in battle, dealing a large amount of damage. Gideon has access to a large amount of attacks, including aerial attacks and even a counter. Gideon's strongest attack is a pixelated shockwave that deals unblockable damage. Gideon has a high amount of HP, and takes a while to defeat. Once Gideon is finally defeated, he'll explode revealing that he was robot. The surrounding area is then revealed to be nothing but a holographic simulation that Gideon was controlling. The real Gideon then falls at the character(s) feet, begging for forgiveness (a reference to Mega Man 2). After one hit, Gideon explodes into a huge amount of coins, being the final member of the league to fall. The surrounding base then begins to collapse, forcing the character(s) to flee. Moving to a safe distance, the character(s) watches as the Chaos Theatre is destroyed (a homage to Super Mario World), and the character(s) is victorious.